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About Us

About Us PictureA Colorado Native, John Kopasz grew up in a family of builders spanning many generations. The family philosophy has always been to build it right! John’s “old school” knowledge of construction and refusal to cut corners consistently lead to beautiful solid homes that will withstand time. John’s attention to detail and his insistence for the utmost quality ensures a finished product that exceeds all expectations. He is personally involved in every phase of each home.

“Rather than focus on how to build the least expensive home, Johns philosophy is to build a home that stands the test of time. “Why wouldn’t you”? John asks. “It’s your biggest investment”.

Kopasz Custom Homes has built close to 100 homes in Douglas County (and the surrounding areas) and no two are alike. Embracing the rich building history of his family and teaming it with the newest technology available-always keeping energy efficiency our first priority, John and his team take great pride in meeting the needs of each client and being able to achieve their end goals.

“We build each home as if WE are going to live in it”